Dear Ella Rewrite
Your Destiny

April of the Year 391, Esperansa Kingdom Ella's uncle, Zenon, staged a revolt against Ella's father,
the king of Esperansa Kingdom,
and killed him, claiming his throne.
He then proceeded to murder Ella as well.
However, thanks to the mysterious pendant that she inherited from her mother, Ella managed to come back to life. When she opened her eyes, Ella found herself in a world set sometime in the past.
She knew that this was her last opportunity to change her fate. Will Ella be able to avenge her late father and rebuild the kingdom?

Adventure Explore various regions, including a vast desert, the Land of Elves, and even the Deep Sea, as you prepare for the ultimate battle!
Craft Craft and enhance gear to power up your heroes!
Collect Collect heroes and weapons to assist Ella on her adventure.
NFT Turn your heroes into NFT collectibles and enjoy your adventure to the fullest!!


Don't miss out on this opportunity to strengthen your characters
and help change Ella's fate!

  • GEM
    X 3000
  • GOLD
    X 100000
  • Hero Ticket
    X 20
  • EXP Potion (M)
    X 10
  • AP
    X 800
  • [Rare] Armor Random Chest
    X 2
  • The Reward chest for Lv. 1 will be sent to your Mailbox upon first login after the official release. Every time you reach a certain level, you will be received more Reward chests.
  • Please note that the Rewards above indicate the totaled value of each reward that you receive when you reach certain levels.
  • Rewards are available once per account.

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"I will change my fate!"

Princess of the fallen Esperansa Kingdom.

Ella's uncle, Zenon, rebelled against the king, bringing about his end. Before Ella had time to mourn her father's death, she also met the same fate.
However, the mysterious power of her pendant granted her a second chance at life. With her new friends in tow, Ella embarks on a quest for vengeance.

"Tch, I ain't got time for this.
Fine, come at me then!"

A bounty hunter who works alongside Kali

With no memory of being Ella's friend, Wallace joins her at her request. With his immense strength and brute instincts, he strikes fear in the hearts of many criminals.

"I'd be happy to give you a taste of my arrows!"

After losing her memory, Kali was rescued by Wallace. It wasn't long before the two of them became a duo of bounty hunters.

Her incredible ability to read the enemy's mind, make levelheaded judgment calls, and flawlessly track targets made her one of the best bounty hunters around.


Through various in-game battles, players can earn special currencies—Rubies and Crystals. These currencies can be exchanged for game tokens at XPLA GAMES, and these tokens are used in the XPLA Blockchain Ecosystem.

Crafting and trading NFT characters or Game Tokens may be restricted by laws within the region you’re located in. This region includes China(PRC), Singapore, Japan, and South Korea, and may be added or updated at the time of the official release.


  • 2022 4Q
    Beta Game Launcher
    Liquidity Pool
  • 2022 4Q
    Official Global
    Airdrop Event
  • 2023 1Q
    Awakening System
    New Character
    New Dungeon & Raid
  • 2023 2Q
    Guild System
    New Character
  • 2023 3Q
    New Dungeon & Gear
    New NFT & NFT Staking

The details and schedule of the Roadmap are subject to change
depending on the progress of the development.